What We Do

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Our Vision

To ensure more children and youth reach their full potential – contributing to a stronger community and a better world.

Our Dual Mission

Through the venture philanthropy model, SVP seeks to effect significant, long-term positive social change in our community by:

  • Strengthening the organizational capacity of local non-profits by investing time, money, and expertise to help them to scale their impact and become high-performing, sustainable organizations
  • Encouraging SVP Partners and their families to be well-informed, effective, and engaged philanthropists who inspire others in the community
improving our community is part of our life’s journey

Values And Behaviours


We believe in taking risks

  • Pursue the greatest potential, not the easiest path.
  • Balance risk with reward, understanding failure is inherent in this concept.
  • Seek impact based on evidence, following the data wherever it leads.
  • Share what you learn so that everyone can improve.


We foster positive change in our community and take responsibility

  • Define success up front and together.
  • Develop goals and plans, flex as needed. 
  • Foster a balance of passionate convictions with evidence-based decisions.
  • Seek excellence – but don’t let perfection be the barrier of the good.
  • Build strong teams; look for partnerships wherever possible.


We make a greater impact together

  • Build trusting relationships.
  • Be curious and humble, listen to learn and understand.
  • Seek candid feedback and be open to change.
  • Expect positive intent and integrity in others and ourselves.
  • Be accountable for commitments.


We challenge ourselves to continuous improvement

  • Never settle. Always strive to do better.
  • Embrace the opportunity for learning in every situation.
  • Facilitate the uncomfortable conversations.
  • Own your mistakes and grow from them.


We believe all people should have the opportunity to succeed

  • Be aware of privilege and seek to understand different life experiences.
  • Look to see whose ‘voice’ is not in the room, and engage them.
  • Recognize when others should lead, and step back.
  • Acknowledge power imbalances and work to level them.

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