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What We Do

We give differently. Through SVP Vancouver’s venture philanthropy model, we work with high-impact nonprofits to achieve a shared vision: to help children and youth in B.C. thrive. We don’t just throw money at a problem. We use the collective Time, Talent, Treasure, and Ties of the SVP community–our Partners, donors, and nonprofit changemakers–to improve the way nonprofits operate and help them accelerate their growth, in service of helping kids.

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Who We Are

We are people for whom improving our community is part of our life’s journey. Social Venture Partners Vancouver is a network of 150+ engaged philanthropists and changemakers who invest time, money and professional expertise into local, high-impact nonprofits that focus on serving under-resourced children and youth. Over the last 21 years, we have provided more than 70 nonprofits with more than $12 million in grants, countless hours of capacity building support, programming, training, tools, and resources. SVP Vancouver is one of the largest affiliates of SVP International, a global network of over 40 organizations in as many cities.

How It Works

SVP provides nonprofits with multi-year financial support, resources, and Partner time and expertise to help them build out their internal capacity, so they can in turn, better support children and youth.


Feature Story

Story of Impact: SVP a Catalyst For Growth at Take a Hike

Since 2001 SVP has invested in high-impact nonprofit organizations that are working to improve the lives of B.C.’s children and youth. Our ultimate goal: Be an exceptional and catalytic funder that enables high-impact nonprofits to flourish and grow. All in the service of helping more kids and youth in B.C.



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SVP Global Network

SVP is both local and global.

SVP Vancouver’s venture philanthropy is rooted in your backyard. SVP Vancouver Partners invest Time, Talent, Treasure, and Ties in nonprofits who work to improve the lives of children and youth in B.C. SVP Vancouver Partners are also part of a 4,000+ global network of philanthropists, entrepreneurs, and changemakers. There are 40+ SVP network member organizations from Boston to Bangalore (and new ones crop up every year). Through cross-city forums and SVP’s annual conference, SVP Partners and staff are able to tap into a wealth of shared experience, knowledge, and resources.

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